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In a niche industry like US tax, reputation is important. Here is what our customers have to say:

Testimonial Image of American in England

"Sophia was instrumental in assisting my company during a tough period... all the head hunters I knew were not coming up with anyone. US Tax Jobs won and her (Sophia's) hand trusting me to sort out payments when I was away was critical to getting the new hire in. You will be very pleased to work with her."

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Liz Zitzow

Owner of British American Tax in London
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“Super simple. We drove qualified applicants to our website.”

"Whilst a new job board, it's what the industry has needed for a long time! We posted a couple of adverts for Tax Associate jobs we were hiring for in London. We received a few, but accurate job applications which was ideal. There is nothing worse the sifting through hundreds of irrelevant applications."

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James B

Owner of a 15 person UK/US tax firm in London
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“We received over 20 quality applicants”

"We typically rely on Indeed, Reed and other non-specific job boards for our US tax recruitment. We posted a free job post 2 weeks ago and think we've filled the role. Nice to see an easy to use job board for once!"

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Andy Calder

US Tax Firm Owner - Offices in Israel, USA & UK - 25 people