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Job Description

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August 19, 2022

The US Accounting and Reporting Group (USARG) supports KPMG UK and a number of KPMG's member firms throughout the EMA region (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa) in their audits performed under PCAOB auditing standards and US specific debt and equity offerings, for some of the biggest multinational companies in the world.  A position in US ARG will enable you to further your valuable experience in US accounting, auditing and reporting areas in an exciting international setting in London.

With rapid growth in USARG's volume of US market activity over the past few years, including IPOs, SPACs and M+A activity, alongside enhanced U.S. regulatory oversight specifically in terms of audit quality, we have a need for a confident, capable individual with US experience to fill a Manager/Senior Manager vacancy.

US ARG is comprised of individuals across all senior levels on rotation from KPMG US and permanent KPMG UK employees, who have the experience and impact  to guide teams to enable them to comply with the various audit, regulatory and accounting rule frameworks in the US.

US ARG also supports audit quality initiatives that assist audit teams in meeting US audit and regulatory requirements.


•    Assisting the foreign filing review partner ono  SEC periodic filings and registration statements of SEC issuer so prospective SEC issuers in connection with their IPO and SPAC transactions

•    Lead and manage reviews on a day-to-day basis of US debt and equity offerings, including the comfort letter process, interacting with underwriters and their lawyer

•    Monitoring of PCAOB current and proposed standards and the potential impact on KPMG UK's processes, including our audit tools and methodology compared to ISA’s

•    Preparing and presenting trainings to update audit professionals working on engagements involving PCAOB, US GAAP, and/or SEC matters

•    Coaching UK-based audit teams on technical accounting and auditing matters.

•    Participating in various US related audit quality initiatives

Job Requirements

•    Extensive experience conducting audits under PCAOB standards including leading the audit of a large accelerated SEC filer
•    Ability to command the attention of anyone in the room regardless of grade
•    High performer in their current role
•    Strong knowledge of SEC, rules and regulations, including US independence matters
•    Extensive experience in respect of US GAAP and PCAOB auditing standards, prior PCAOB inspection experience is a plus
•    Knowledge of IFRS and International Standards of Auditing is beneficial, but not essential
•    Excellent presentation skills
•    Be sure of their ground, be able to identify an issue quickly and have the ability to articulate identified issues to all levels
•    Be comfortable to challenge as well as motivate teams, also demonstrating the ability to support and provide teams confidence in applying US standards
•    A qualified US Certified Public Accountant or equivalent is a plus, but not required

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